• Kento

    Kento is the producer and creator of “Moment in Manzanar”. They are also a conversation designer based in New York, who has worked on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. They are also an award-winning screenwriter, comedian, producer, and actor exploring the intersection of neurodiversity and Japanese-American identity, whose work you can find at The Second City New York, Upright Citizens Brigade, Amazon Prime, and The Onion.

  • Ben White

    Ben is a video editor and filmmaker based in New York. He hopes his work on “Moment in Manzanar” illuminates the crimes of the American government against Japanese-Americans during World War II. Ben has valued his time working on “Moment in Manzanar” as a way to deepen his own understanding of the heartless treatment of Japanese-Americans during this time period.

  • Cindy Shin

    Cindy is a product designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She joined the Moment in Manzanar team due to her deep interest in exploring narratives with a focus on social equity and underrepresented perspectives. Outside of her work as a designer, Cindy’s favorite things to do are wheel throwing ceramics, recommending new books to friends, and fostering rescue dogs.

  • Herrick Ong

    Herrick is a game artist and illustrator based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a lifelong passion for drawing and communicating ideas. His previous clients include, Crazy Maple Studio, Kongregate, Voltage Entertainment, 5 Color Combo, and more.

  • Kyle Holmberg

    Kyle tells people that he makes “pretty web things” for work. His career involves building features and design systems at Nike, Acorns, and Capsule (among others). When he’s not coding, he spends his time traveling the world with his fiancé, playing video games, and watching Arsenal—his favorite team—disappoint him in new and creative ways.